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Harold Halibut

is a modern adventure game, with a strong focus on storytelling and exploration. Wander around an underwater community that has formed after 200 years of enclosed space travel. Somehow stuck between it’s launch date on earth of the 1970s and the witnessing of foreign planets and its inhabitants. Get a feel for the unusual circumstances by talking to others on board and fulfill your duties as a lab assistant and janitor. Take in the atmosphere and be a part of this utopia-turned-awry. Enable communication within a society that has long been fixated on (and eventually disillusioned with) being the last outpost of humanity. Your choice of engagement in conversation unfolds and affects the personality Harold quietly carries inside of him. Be prepared to make all the stuff around you bleep and bloop. Do be careful, though. If you break the wrong thing someone might hold a long-time grudge with you. Enjoy the stop-motion feeling in this world made entirely out of craft materials like wood, clay and metal.
since 2015
@Slow Bros.

Lead 3D-Artist